About CTEP

Who are we? What we do?

CTEP(Cambodia-Taiwan Education and Employment program) is a non-government organization committed to promote rural education and employment in Cambodia. We concentrate on providing children and youth computer and language skills, ensuring them complete primary education as a minimum. Since the day CTEP brought to life in 2010, 29 Learning Centers have been established with more than 13000 students graduated. CTEP believes that, without path to education, our children’s future remains a dream. You may have million reasons to support education but there is only one we strongly believe in: We fulfill the real need of children in Cambodia rather than giving them a fish.  

Employment program

we aim to empower villagers to shape their own futures,with the service covering Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Battambang and Phnom Phen.  Without access to an employment, people continues trapped by grinding poverty, and therefore we offer vocational training like sewing classes to villagers and cooperate with National Employment Agency (NEA) in holding recruitment events, organizing factory tour and providing job training. As education helps acquire knowledge and values, vocational training strengthens ability and skill which creates more innovative and highly skilled workers. From 2017 onwards, 4,000 students will graduate and 500+ jobs will be placed every year.

What we insist on

  1. CTEP does not conduct local structure as the construction costs can be spent on education resources to better use.
  2. Never distribute direct financial support to local communities.
  3. No paid staff, office and other administrative expenses in Taiwan; No fixed assets in Cambodia.
  4. All funds and resources must be used for a good purpose
  5. Shut down learning centers if necessary when persistent good performance is being shownand proven that they are able to support and manage themselves